A Simple Way to Boost Mobile Detailing Profits

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Published: 15th June 2009
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A Simple Way to Boost Mobile Detailing Profits

Do you perform a Mobile Detail service? Many professionals that offer auto detailing are still working under the same adage that in order to increase your cash flow you need to increase your service volume. This is simply not true.

Additional products and services sold as an add-on offer are a great way to boost your profit per car. Often times a Mobile Car Care Professional will make more for their time on an add-on product then they can with the actual car detail. Offering add-on products can greatly increase your profit per car in addition to your hourly wage.

Have you considered Windshield wipers?

A new entry into the Auto Detailing arena is Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) grade windshield wipers. These wipers are of the quality as those produced by the vehicle manufacturer and offer great margins, some even better then the auto detail.

Selling windshield wipers is a great way to boost your profit per car detail. Not every supplier carries OEM grade windshield wipers. Look for wipers that have an all metal frame. Some metal frames are crimped together and some are securely fastened with rivets. Choose the windshield wiper blade that is secured with strong rivets so that your customer's wiper blades will not fall apart during tough weather.

Still not convinced your auto detailing business can benefit from offering windshield wiper blades?

1) If you are doing mobile detailing a bad weather day can mean no business. Selling windshield wipers on normally unworkable days can be a great way to supplement your income.

2) Windshield wipers are a relatively low priced item. A worn out wiper blade is especially aggravating. If not attended to it has the opportunity to damage the windshield. Your customer is already thinking about these things before you approach them.

3) Speed of installation - Wipers can be changed out in under 3 minutes.

4) Limited inventory items - 6 sizes of wipers can cover a majority of cars on the road. There is limited inventory to take with you.

5) It is recommended for safety by most manufacturers that you change your wipers every 6 months. This allows you to cross promote your other vehicle services and products. What else fits into the 6 month timeline that will give your customer a reason to come back?

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Peter Ferrigan has written many articles for mobile detailers on how to find sales in uncommon areas. There was clearly a need for an add-on product that would boost profits and make money on bad weather days. The most untapped profit potential for mobile detailers - windshield wipers. Realizing a great need and lack of supply, Peter co-founded The Wiper Pro with another industry veteran. Wiper Pro established an exclusive relationship with a major windshield wiper supplier to provide wipers to the mobile car care industry. Wiper Pro now supplies top quality wiper blades to successful car care professionals nationwide. Additional marketing resources and additional information is available at http://www.wiperpro.com.

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